About Dr. Bichefsky

Dr. Bichefsky has been practicing medicine since 1994. Her practice specialty is Internal Medicine. She began her private practice in West Chester in 1999 and has built it into a thriving practice.

Dr. Bichefsky attended Widener University in Chester, PA where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Teaching Certification in Childhood Education. She continued her training at Temple University where she studied the advanced sciences and at Drexel University where she studied Neuropsychology. She was awarded the St. George Fellowship and membership into the Phi Gamma Mu National Honor Society. In addition, she is named in the Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities and on the National Register of Outstanding College Graduates.

Dr. Bichefsky earned her degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. She went on to complete a 1 year rotating internship and a 3 year residency program at The Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, PA. During that time she earned a National Student Osteopathic Medical Association Scholarship and was the recipient of the American College of General Practitioners Grant.

Dr. Bichefsky has served on the Board of Directors at the Adult Care Center of Chester County since 2000 and has been the Medical Director of the AREUFIT Health Services Inc. since 2004. Dr. Bichefsky is additionally medical director for Addiction & Psychological Therapy Inc.  She is a distinguished speaker, having lectured for organizations including Mainline Health Systems, Penn Medicine, Widener University, University of Pennsylvania, ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center, and Alzheimer's Association. She has been published, has spoken on local radio, and has even appeared on TV relating to health, wellness, and addiction.

She is an active member of the American Medical Association and American Osteopathic Association, the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association and the Chester County Medical Society. She served on the Ethics Committee of the Neighborhood Visiting Nurses Association.



Meet Dr. Bichefsky

It has always been my philosophy that the most important trait of a good physician is that the physician listens to the patient. The physician and patient need to work together, in unison, to come up with a care plan that will be most beneficial for the patient. Addressing not only the obvious medical disorder, but also how the person interacts with the day to day challenges. I always advise toward a healthy lifestyle, addressing lifestyle choices, exercise and diet.