Needle-less Collagen Treatment Reverses Signs of Aging

People searching for the eternal fountain of youth often resort to collagen injections. While collagen injections have been proven to be safe, they consequently can cause an allergic response or rejection in up to 20% of treatments. Topical creams that contain collagen will generally prove to be just a financial drain since they don't have the capacity to really penetrate the skin's surface.

As we age, collagen production diminishes and the skin begins to lose its elasticity and capacity to retain moisture. Prolonged exposure to environmental irritants such as damaging sun rays and free radicals like smoke and other environmental toxins can help accelerate the aging process. The result is sagging, tired-looking skin and of course, lines and wrinkles.

One new treatment on the market from Purigenex is offering great new promise. Using a proprietary medically engineered Type I atelocollagen, which is much higher density than general collagen, the product is able to effectively penetrate deep into the dermal and basal tissue while providing the most highly-purified, safe collagen available with rare to no side effects. Most commercial collagen preparations are only able to form oil membranes in the outer dermal layer of the skin because they lack the biologically active properties of true collagen to penetrate the dermis.

According to Dr. Helise Bichefsky, Medical Director of Ageless Health in West Chester, PA, the Purigenex Collagen System is producing very notable results. "I have not seen dramatic results like this without using injectables, or at least undertaking a combination of laser skin rejuvenation techniques with peels." This very simple 8-week treatment program consists of using a refrigerated collagen-rich face mask for 40 minutes each week, along with two daily applications of an intensive collagen serum. The masks are only available through physicians or select medical spas and use should be carefully directed. Patients have reported visible results within four treatments.